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Certified Professional Guild Membership

Regular $120.00 annually, or 1,500.00 for lifetime membership.

The confirmation of your qualifications for membership have been waived for this flash sale.

Just $7 during this flash sale (94.2% Off)

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Seven Benefits of Membership:

  • Become Eligible for Awards

    Become eligible to win ‘Marketer of the Year’ in over fifty categories.

    Prestigious trophy and exclusive promotion.

  • Display the Guild's Insignia

    Annual members may use the supplied embed code to display the Guild’s Professional Insignia on their website for instant credibility and recognition of their association with the Guild. Lifetime members may publish the Guild’s Insignia on unlimited printed and digital materials.

The Guild's Insignia is installed on your website using embed code. This allows users to click the Insignia to display your personalized certificate. To see an example, click on this Insignia:

  • Display your Certificate

    Display your personalized certificate on your website.

    After the guild insignia is installed or your website, when a prospective client or employer clicks your insignia, your personalized certificate will be displayed automatically. Click the insignia below to see example.

    A printable version of your personalized certificate is available for an additional cost. This optional version may also be used for display on social media and directories. Annual certificates contain an expiry date, lifetime certificates do not. This is NOT needed to display the certificate on your website, as the supplied embed code will display your certificate on your site automatically.

  • Lead Generation

    Inquiries made on our website by potential employers and clients are distributed to members who are located in the same city. In addition, your premium directory listing includes a lead-capture form for exclusive leads, sent only to you.

  • Premium Directory Listing

    Receive a premium listing in our member directory to build authority and create awareness.

  • Marketing Mix Report

    The Marketing Mix Report is a professional development resource for marketers. This valuable report is an indispensable guide to using the latest technologies and tactics to attract and convert more clients, including case studies and reviews on marketing tools which are working for others in the industry.

  • Publishing Opportunities

    As an optional benefit, members can build authority and make contributions to the industry by publishing case studies in our case study journal, which is distributed to over 12,000 agencies and professional guild members.

Just $7 during this flash sale (94.2% Off)

This is a one-time offer. When the flash sale ends, this discount offer will be invalid.